masterplan central square
multi-purpose development
metropolitan hybrid
exhibition and debate environment
public archives and exhibition space
design research on geothermal energy
coalition development
multi-purpose development
research by design of a 6ha mixed program
city center urban renewal
study on urban densification and renovation
museum concept
student accomodation complex
mixed-use development
rehabilitation of a submarine base
potential scan
single family home
urban infrastructure
urban strategy for IABR 2012
care and recreation center for the elderly
cultural infrastructure
territorial vision
territorial strategy
museum concept
16 units for assisted living
memorial pavillion
house refurbishment & extension
kindergarten & greenery service
highly sustainable offices
bar building & garden
350-units housing
cultural infrastructure
artists' ateliers
30 studios for disabled people
urban square proposal
highway infrastructure
urban square proposal
urban block development
seniors' campus
café & renovation headquarters
row house refurbishment
high-rise speculation
house refurbishment
48.000 m² of tiling
10-year exhibition layout
congress & heritage centre
masterplan housing scheme